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Anna Beth's ex-husband, never seen on screen, who fell in love with a woman from Baton Rouge and left her.

He liked to talk about the Auburn defensive line while being intimate.

’s Chris Zylka and model Hanna Beth were in the throes of love, announcing their engagement via Twitter.

On Thursday, March 12, the pair engaged in a vicious online battle that started when Zylka, 29, tweeted, “When someone's boyfriend shows up at they're house with flowers while you're in that someone's bed.

I reach to shake her hand and notice how small she is ― about half my size.

actor took to his Instagram account on Wednesday evening (March 12), where he alluded to the split.

The have also unfollowed each other on the social media site.

Also, in matters of the bedroom, he had all the touch of a plumber trying to unclog a sink, and his idea of theatre was a carwash.

Lemon said to Jonah, "You two always did have sparks," before she set him up on a date with Anna Beth (Take Me Home, Country Roads).

I will rise up.” PHOTOS: Quickest celeb engagements The model responded by taking the high road on Twitter, writing, “When people try to put you down or call you names.. The only person they’re actually talking about is themselves. Google yourself.” When Beth went on to mention a night out with a friend, Zylka shot back, “@The Hanna Beth have fun ‘staying sober’ groupie.” Though many of the actor’s followers bashed him for his online attack, he wrapped up his rant with one last tweet.